About the Ottawa Adult Autism Initiative

Who we are

We are a grassroots group who received a seed grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation for this work. Our members include adults on the autism spectrum (adult ASD community), family members and allies, and professionals.

Grassroots Consultation

How we work

We work in a way that is:

  • Respectful – of all members of our community
  • Inclusive –of people with varying communication and other needs
  • Diverse – gathering viewpoints from different backgrounds and orientations
  • Collaborative – with existing service providers and professionals
  • Transparent – sharing our information and findings with the community

Our goals

  • To make it easier for adults on the autism spectrum and their families to find the supports and services they need.
  • To create a new way for the adult ASD community, families, allies, service providers and professionals to connect to ensure needs are met.

We will not replace any existing supports or services

What we know

We know we need input from adults on the autism spectrum and those who live and work with this community. We also know that our adult ASD community needs a new way to more easily connect with the supports and services needed.  We are committed to a community-driven approach that connects existing supports and services and helps develop those missing.

We don’t yet know how the “new way” will look. That is the focus on our first year of work (fall 2019 to fall 2020). We will develop an approach that is tailored to and driven by the unique needs of our Ottawa community.

Our work

Phase 1: Building a strong knowledge base (fall 2019 to fall 2020)

We are building a strong knowledge base. We have listened to the experiences, knowledge and opinions of adults on the autism spectrum, family members and allies, service providers and professionals. We have gathered this information through community outreach sessions and an online survey.

Community Snapshot

The result is a “community snapshot” that documents the met and unmet needs of our adult ASD community. Our work includes looking at approaches other communities have created to support adults on the autism spectrum.

Phase 2: Creating a new way to connect, collaborate and coordinate (spring 2021 and beyond)

Using the knowledge base we created in Phase 1, we will seek more funding to create a new way to bring adults on the autism spectrum, their families and allies and the supports and services they need together in a more accessible way. We will work to find the funding to make this vision a reality.

Using knowledge base to create something new

We need your help!

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey. Our consultants have put together the data and the final report is now published on this website.

Click here for the OAAI Privacy Factsheet with more details about how the OAAI project will use information and protect your privacy.

This project is supported by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation