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Thank you for your patience with the delayed survey release. COVID-19 has been a difficult and unusual time. The survey does not have specific questions asking about the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are places in the questionnaire where you can share information about your recent experiences if you want to.

We don’t want to cause any extra distress by bringing up sensitive topics in a challenging time. This is why our survey will remain open until the end of December 2020:  you can choose any time between now and the end of December to fill out the survey.  Choose a time when you feel able to answer questions about your life and your usual supports and services.

All responses will remain confidential – we will never use your name with your survey responses. Only our OAAI consultants will have access to individual survey results.


We recommend that you take this survey on a larger sized screen (tablet or computer) instead of using a smart phone with a small screen.  A larger screen will let you see all the answer choices to a question at once. We think this will make it easier to choose the answer you want.

Complete the whole survey in one sitting. You will lose your answers if you stop in the middle.   

Note: Please make sure your computer/tablet has all recent updates installed so that the online survey software will work correctly. If you experience technical difficulties, please contact us at ottawaadultautism@gmail.com

Additional instructions for ASD adults completing survey:

People on the autism spectrum have many different ways of communicating. Our written multiple-choice survey includes visuals so that ASD adults who are less verbal can also have their opinions heard. An artist who is familiar with the autism spectrum created these visuals specifically for this adult survey.

We understand that not all ASD adults prefer to have visual supports. If you don’t want to see the visuals, choose the “words only / no pictures” option at the beginning of the online survey. The written text for the questions and answers is the same in both the picture and non-picture versions of the survey.

If you think you need support to complete this survey, please ask a trusted friend, family member or professional to help you.

CLICK HERE to see a preview of some of the visuals used in the survey. You may want to download or print out this “visual dictionary” so you can refer to it as you go through the survey and answer the questions.

Click a category below to enter the survey:

For ASD adults: option to email answers to the last three survey questions:

The last 3 questions in the ASD adult survey give you the choice to email your answers through our website.

This is a good option if you would like extra time to think about your answers. It will also let you express your ideas in whatever communication mode is best for you (for example: drawing, writing by hand, voice recording). You can attach photo or voice recording files to the email.

Please don’t email your answers to these questions until after you have completed the online survey. To send us an answer by email Click Here

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