Join a community outreach session

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: We are changing the way that we deliver our Outreach and Community meetings because of the COVID-19 corona virus outbreak. The Adult Autism Community includes individuals who are at risk of more severe disease or complications from the virus (older adults, people with immune-compromising conditions & chronic diseases). Updates will be posted on this website page.

Meetings for the Ottawa Adult Autism Community

All of our planned OAAI community meetings are being rescheduled to Fall 2020 – details will be posted once the current public health situation is resolved. Your health and safety are our primary concern.

See below for a brief description of the type of meetings that will be part of our community outreach plan:

Small focused meetings are intended to gather the unique perspectives of specific segments of the adult autism community:

  • Asperger’s Perspective
  • Less Verbal Perspective
  • Francophone Perspective
  • Multicultural Perspective
  • LGBTQA2S+ Perspective
  • ASD Professionals & Service Providers Perspective

There will be two larger Community meetings (one in the east end and one in the west end of the city): Both will be open to all members of the Ottawa adult autism community. 

There will also be a final “Reporting Back” information meeting to share the results of our survey and consultations with the community.